Coursera Deep Learning Specialization Notes

3 mins read A couple of years ago I completed Deep Learning Specialization taught by AI pioneer Andrew Ng. I found this series […]

Guidelines to use Transfer Learning in Convolutional Neural Networks

9 mins read Transfer Learning How to adapt an expert’s CNN architecture that has already learned so much about how to find the […]

Machine Learning Interview: Computer Vision

34 mins read 1) For neural networks that work with images like VGG-19, InceptionNet, you often see a visualization of what type of […]

RCNN, Fast RCNN, and faster RCNN algorithms for Object Detection Explained

23 mins read Table of Contents 1. A Simple Way of Solving an Object Detection Task (using Deep Learning) The below image is […]

A tutorial on Motion Estimation with Optical Flow with Python Implementation

26 mins read Advancements in computer vision research have revolutionized the way machines perceive their environment by leveraging techniques like object detection for […]